Plan of activities carried out at the John Paul II Institute of Bioethics Year 2023

by | 3 Apr 2024

Diplomas and Courses in Bioethics

Diploma in Bioethics, values and Cuban thought at the Center for Reflection and Dialogue of Matanzas. Resp. DrC Leister Acosta

Approximate number of students: 130 people

  • Workshop on Bioethics applied to daily life at the Center for Reflection and Dialogue of Matanzas. Rep. DrC Leister Acosta. Dr. Rolando Rogés
  • Approximate number of students. 45 people.
  • Training course on the Ethics of Care for health workers in Asilo San Juan de Dios. Resp. Leister Acosta

Number of students: 15 people.

  • Diploma in Care, Bioethics and Social Commitment. Resp. Dr. Rolando Rogés.

Number of students: 14 persons

  • Bioethics Conferences at the IEE Felix Varela.

One semester with 12 students of the first year of Bachelor’s Degree.

  • Course on medical problems of current Ethics and Bioethics at the HHA. Resp. Dr. René Zamora.

Held at the HHA with about 150 people.

International Master’s Degree in Bioethics

  • Continuation, completion of classes and thesis discussion of the eighth edition of the Master’s Degree in Bioethics. Coordinator Dr. Berta González

Thesis discussion and final exams: 15 students.

  • Selection of students for the XI edition of the Master’s Degree in Bioethics.

Total number of students selected: 27.

  • Enrollment and start of the ninth edition of the Master’s Degree in Bioethics.

Total number of students enrolled 27 people.

  • Awarding of Bioethics Master’s Degrees of the seventh edition of the Master’s Degree and the UCV’s own Degrees of the University Expert Course in Bioethics 2021 and 2022. In the Aula Magna of the Cultural Center P. Félix Varela. Resp. Dr. Rene Zamora

Made according to the total number of graduates and delivered to the IBJPII and the Catholic University of Valencia.


  • Participation in the 1st International Congress on Bioethics “Global Bioethics and its impact in the XXI century” at the Law School of the Autonomous University of Queretaro, Mexico. Dr. René Zamora and Lic Yasmany Pérez Marañón (the latter could not attend, but participated online).
  • Congress Humanism 4.0 Resp. IEE Felix Varela and IBJPII.
  • Pre-congress course on Medical Anthropology.
  • FIBIP International Congress in Mexico. Resp. Dr. Zamora

Other activities

  • Monthly online participation in the Academic Council of Catholic Leaders with the assignment of the guide for their international postgraduate courses. Dr. Rene Zamora.
  • Visit to IBJPII of professors and students from Georgetown University USA. Conversation. Resp. Dr. Réne Zamora.
  • Visit to IBJPII of 10 students and 3 professors from Indiana University USA. Resp. Dr. René Zamora.
  • Launching of the book on Bioethics and Biopoetics at the José Martí Cultural Society. Dr. René Zamora
  • Preparation of Bioethics capsules involving filming and recording for the IEEE P. Félix Varela. Dr. René Zamora

Contacts abroad

  • Participation in the annual meeting of the Pontifical Academy for Life. Dr. Rene Zamora.
  • Working Visit to UCV and collection of Master’s Degrees and Degrees.
  • Dr. René Zamora Working Visit to University of Navarra and Fundación Pablo VI. Dr. René Zamora


  • Elaboration and printed publication of the Bioethics Magazine every four months.
  • Deliver to the Director of the IEE P. Félix Varela 80 Bioethics magazines of 2022. Responsible: Lic. Hilda Santiesteban

Operational meetings

  • IBJPII Board of Directors at IBJPII. Resp. Dr. Rene Zamora
  • Meetings of the Cuban Bioethics Committee. Resp. Dr. Olga Torres and Dr. René Zamora.


  • Preparation and presentation of the 2022 Accountability Report to ADV. Isabel Madrigal
  • Elaboration and presentation of the 2023 Application Report to ADV. Isabel Madrigal
  • Define situation with Kirche In Not to proceed with the preparation of the 2022 accountability report and 2023 application. Resp. Dr. René Zamora.
  • Review of the report prepared for the request for assistance to CEI for three years, prepared in January 2023 for approval and official request. Resp. Dr. René Zamora

Resources for IBJPII development in 2023

  • Update of IBJPII staff salaries.
  • Under construction of the IBJPII premises at the P. Félix Varela Cultural Center.
  • Executed the procurement of mobile telephony for 6 people.