Activities carried out at the CCPFV since 2013

by | 19 Mar 2024

Year 2013

  • Lecture by Dr. Omar Franza
  • MBA meeting with Brandéis University
  • Inauguration of the Reason and Faith Classroom
  • Day of disabled people celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Foundation
  • Photography exhibition
  • Proclaime workshop
  • Education Fair
  • Lecture by Professor Carlos Díaz
  • Launching of the book Cuban Anthology (Br. Bayo)
  • Stomatology Congress
  • Pre-Congress Meteorology Theater
  • Gala for the Day of Culture

Year 2015

  • Canada-Cuba choir meeting (Aula Magna) conducted by Alina Orraca
  • Inauguration of the library
  • Week of sacred music
  • Lay space event
  • Empowerment of disadvantaged sectors in Cuba: Afro-descendants
    • Economic and social situation of Afro-descendants in Cuba.
    • Actions taken so far to improve the economic and social situation of Afro-descendants in Cuba.
    • Legal and institutional framework. Effectiveness.
    • Other possible empowerment actions.
  • José de La Luz y Caballero honorary professorships event.
  • Conference on Christian art by Dr. Marta Triana and Dr. Mirian Escudero.)
  • Inauguration of the Photography Exhibition La Huella de España (Spain Embassy in Cuba).
  • Chembalo Class by Master Kathelin Mackintoch
  • Harpsichord concert
  • Maestro Moises Santiesteban
  • Cello Festival by Maestro Alejandro Martínez(musician and arranger)
  • Vocal Leo Concert

Year 2016

  • Can-Cuba Choir Exchange
  • Camerata Romeu Concert
  • Symposium on Félix Varela
  • Inauguration of the Czech Embassy Exhibition
  • Harpsichord workshop by master Kathelyn Mackintoch
  • Choir workshop
  • Rudolph Fisher (Regensburg Univ.)
  • Singing and conducting workshop by Maestro Cuniber (Regensburg Univ.)
  • Father Gregor Lecture Introduction to the Liturgy
  • Lecture on Sacred Music by Dr. Mirian Escudero and Maria Antonia Virgiril
  • Concert by Maestro Moises Santiesteban and Claudia (organist and flautist)
  • Visit of the President of Austria and the First Lady to the Center.
  • Habano Anniversary Dinner in Cuba
  • Hemophilia Workshop
  • Day for the handicapped
    • Conferences
    • Tombola (main patio and galleries)
  • Cuba-Emprende Fair

Year 2017

  • Mozarteu Orchestra, theater, Premier of the documentary film “Notes on the Catholic Church in Cuba”. Theme: The colony until 1899
  • Inauguration of the IV Week of Sacred Music.
  • Film Luz de soledad (Light of solitude)
  • Private dinner presentation of HABANO in Cuba (Asian representatives).

Year 2018

    • Sacred Music Exhibition
    • Week V of Sacred Music
    • Workshop for young filmmakers
    • José de La Luz y Caballero Chair Annual Conference
    • Lecturer Dr. Ivette Fuentes, Msc. Vladimir Sierra
    • Reception Chamber Orchestra of Havana
    • Inauguration of the Photographic Exhibition 500 years of the founding of the City (first floor galleries)
    • Library Conference, on the occasion of the celebrations for the 500 years of the foundation of the Villa San Cristobal
    • Tertulia El Cáliz del Arte, by poetess Lina de la Feria
    • Latin American Film Festival
    • Panel on Pope St. John Paul II
    • Private Dinner (Inauguration of the Martí Statue)
    • Colloquium on Julia Burgos (given by Dr. Luz Nereida Lebrón, University of Turabo, Puerto Rico).
    • International Congress on Biomaterial
    • Conference: Bioethical dilemmas at the end of life. Euthanasia, video and discussion
    • Meeting of young audiovisual producers
    • Meeting of the Hospitality Industry
    • Reception at the Center (Pontificate of Pope Francis)

    Year 2019

    • Conference Life of Ismaelillo, Martí’s son
    • Celebrations of the 6th week of sacred music
    • International Congress of Psychiatry
    • Inauguration of the Havana Biennial
    • Inauguration of The Hand of God Exposition
    • Marian Exposition
    • Meeting of numismatists
    • Routes and Walks
    • Higher Education Network Event
    • Homage to poet Roberto Manzano (Focolare)
    • National History Event
    • Christian Art Event, Aula Magna (Marta Triana)

    Year 2020

    • Inauguration dinner presentation of the Swiss watch
    • Concert by Mariela Flores for non-violence

    Year 2022

    • Latin American psychiatrists event
    • Cuba Emprende (event of philanthropic entrepreneurs)
    • Habano Celebration
    • Chorus exchange Sacred Music Chair and Georgetown University
    • Havana Mozart Festival