Financial summary for fiscal year 2019/2020

by | 1 Apr 2024

  • Institute of Ecclesiastical Studies: € 124 776.34.
  • Cultural Center: € 103 142.31.
  • Web presence and video: € 3,550.00.
  • Center for Business Studies: € 178,640.00.
  • Chair of Sacred Music: € 23,500.00.

The Foundation also expects to make the following investments according to activities for the concept of Fixed Assets Acquisitions (except Historical Heritage Assets):

  • Cultural Center: € 4,104.20
  • Center for Business Studies: € 4,200.00
  • Total resources to be used in the fiscal year: € 441,912.85
Expenses / Investments (€)Higher EducationCultural CenterWeb presence and videoBusiness StudiesChair of Sacred MusicTOTALS
Expenses for grants and other  
  a) Monetary assistance20.60020.600
  b) Non-monetary assistance 
c) Collaboration and government expenses41.194,9741.194,97
Variation in product inventories3.5507.6403.550
Personnel expenses25.38414.19394.7009.420134.277
Other operating expenses14.094,3320.013,2372.800106.907,56
Depreciation of fixed assets68.936,083.40068.936,08
Impairment and gain or loss on disposal of fixed assets4.7004.700
Financial expenses2.180,792403.0002.420.79
Exchange rate differences3.7003.700
Impairment and gains or losses on disposal of financial instruments 
Taxes on profits 
Subtotal expenses124.776,34103.142,313.550178.64023.500410.108,65
Acquisitions of fixed assets4.104,204.2008.304,20
Acquisitions of Historical Heritage Assets 
Cancellation of non-trade debt 
Subtotal investments 4.104,20 4.2008.304,20
TOTAL RESOURCES124.776,34107.246,513.550182.84023.500441.912,85