Cardinal Jaime Ortega passed away

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At 6:16 in the morning today, July 26, 2019, Cardinal Jaime Lucas Ortega Alamino, Archbishop Emeritus of Havana, went to the Father’s House. Next, the official note of the Archbishop of Havana.

English Version Below:

Nota del Arzobispado de La Habana sobre el fallecimiento del Cardenal Jaime Ortega.


English Version:

Jaime Lucas Ortega Alamino
Cardinal of the Church

October 18, 1936 – July 26, 2019
Necrological Note
Cardinal Jaime has passed away and, when he begins to feel his physical absence, they revive, together with grateful affection, the memories of his personal quality and his tireless pastoral zeal.
“We carry this treasure in clay vessels” II Co 4.7
“My grace is enough for you” II Co 12.9
They have been the slogans of priestly and episcopal ordination, respectively, chosen by Jaime as inspiration for his priesthood, which began in the Cathedral of Matanzas on August 2, 1964 and was granted in full in that same Cathedral on January 14, 1979.
Both slogans, in addition to their innumerable actions and pastoral works, allow us to approach the spiritual semblance of the pastor whose absence we suffer today.
It is not opportune, nor possible given the nature of this note, to cover the fruitful work of his priestly years in the Diocese of Matanzas and as Bishop of the Diocese of Pinar del Río and in the Archdiocese of Havana.
As we think of Cardinal Jaime with love and gratitude today, he encourages us to know that he will remain among us, accompanying us with the memory of his kind smile, his clairvoyant intelligence and the testimony of a priesthood delivered and sometimes suffered.
To whom we were his friends and to the faithful in the three Dioceses in which he exercised his ministry we are comforted by the promise of the Lord, which is made particularly real and fulfilled in Cardinal Jaime:
“The life of the righteous is in the hands of the Lord.” Sat 3.1
“They will rest from their fatigue because their works will accompany it” Rev 14, 13
Jaime Lucas Ortega Alamino
Cardinal of the Church
Rest in peace
Monsignor Juan de la Caridad García Rodríguez
Archbishop of Havana