Business Plan for the year 2024

by | 3 Apr 2024

  1. Selection of students for the Master’s program

28 students were selected by interview, of which 25 were approved.

  1. University Expert Course (UCV) with point 1.2.

This activity is the result of a design carried out several years ago and in which philosophy and history of Cuban thought are taught. Total number of students 25 people

  1. Diploma course at the University of Medical Sciences of Havana (FCMJT).

It is carried out jointly with the University of Medical Sciences of Havana with a degree issued by both institutions (UH and IBJPII).

  1. Master’s Degree Universidad de Ciencias Médicas de La Habana (FCMJT) Related Subjects

It begins to be designed this year 2024 with a duration of two years in conjunction with the University of Havana and our Institute of Bioethics.

  1. Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital Teaching Plan
  1. Short courses (for foreign residents) Duration of one month and a quota of 10 students three times a year.
  2. Long courses of 30 days or more (open to foreign professors from universities with which IBJPII has an agreement with Cuban professors) total number of students to be defined.
  1. General Bioethics and Bioethics of Caregiving in a single diploma course.

It was decided to create a single diploma course with the curricular design of the two previous ones: General Bioethics and Bioethics of Caregiving.

  1. School of Thought and Creativity

It is a diploma course that will be offered once a year with an enrollment that remains to be defined according to the applicants for next year. Its objective is to teach values and discovery through literary works, this experience is taken from thez International School Dn Alfonso López Quintás of Spain.

  1. Preparation of an IBJPII’s own book

The idea is to find financing to publish it in Tirant Leblanc according to an agreement with the University of Querétaro in Mexico. It will be our first book published in Cuba with the personalist vision of our institute.

  1. Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital workshop

This workshop has been held for two consecutive years on the anniversary of the Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital, the largest in the country. It is carried out with an enrollment of professionals from the same postgraduate teaching center and with the participation of our bioethics graduates from IBJPII classrooms and foreign teachers who participate online. The participating professors have a recognized and very demanding high-level degree.

  1. BIOETICA Magazines

It is carried out with the usual circulation of every year with a four-monthly periodicity.

  1. Training in Courses and Diplomas (Cuban Center for Reflection and Dialogue, Cardenas, Cuba).

These courses are already scheduled every year with the aforementioned center.

  1. Participation in the Pontifical Academy for Life (annual Holy See Congress).

We refer to the congress and ordinary meeting of the Pontifical Academy for Life by the Holy See.

  1. Participation as Speaker at the World Medical Association with the theme: “Scientific Research in Developing Countries with the Helsinki Code”.

In this year our director was selected by the World Medical Association as a speaker at the congress to be held in Rome with the above mentioned theme.