Dr. Mario J. Paredes

by | 27 Mar 2024

Currently, he is CEO of Somos Community Care, a medical organization based in New York City.
He is a permanent member of the Board of Directors of the Bible Society of America, where he previously served as president of Catholic Ministry.
He is a former Vice President of the Merrill Lynch financial organization.
Mr. Paredes graduated with a Master’s degree in Philosophy from the Catholic University of Argentina, and obtained the same degree with a major in Religious Education from Loyola University Chicago, and did graduate studies at Georgetown University in Washington, DC and received a Doctorate in Letters and Humanities from the Catholic University of America.
Mario J. Paredes has been decorated by the Catholic Press Association. Recently the government of the Republic of Chile awarded him the distinction of the Order of Merit Gabriela Mistral 2018 in the Grade of Knight.