Foundation works work online

by | 16 Jun 2020 | Sin categoría | 0 comments

During the months of isolation, the training works supported by the Foundation have continued to function, thanks to the use of digital communication technologies and large amounts of Creativity.

The courses of the Institute of Ecclesiastical Studies were completed through exchange via WhatsApp and email between students, teachers, as well as in chat groups that included both. Certainly these means are still expensive for us, but the experience with them has been, in most cases, part of the educational process of this year sui-generis.

Entrepreneurs training has continued its courses via WhatsApp, and consultancies have also continued to operate through this route, in which, thanks to the flexibility of these programs, specialists from CubaEmprende have helped many entrepreneurs to redirect their businesses during this time. as difficult as to minimize the effects of partial or total closure decisions. The Expo Entrepreneurship Fair held on-line stands out in a special way, in which many recently created businesses were announced and many of the usual ones repeated their presence, new alliances were created between entrepreneurs and many communication channels were established between them.

The Bioethics Institute has been very active through its website and on-line consultations with its teachers by students and others. Its online resources have been highly visited. The participation of Institute professors in international online events is also significant.