Our Mission

by | 1 Apr 2024

To provide Cuban youth in particular, but not limited to, a formative environment and cultural and professional exchange for their development in the humanities through institutions belonging to the Archdiocese of San Cristobal de La Habana, in Havana, Cuba. This environment is of Christian inspiration, but respectful of the religious freedom and philosophical inclination of the participants.

The development of this mission, which is detailed in the Foundation’s own bylaws, implies the attainment of the institutional, corporate and economic resources necessary to carry it out; collaborating with other foundations, organizations, institutions or individuals and legal entities, both Cuban and non-Cuban, that may serve the achievement of the objectives pursued.

For the best fulfillment of its mission, the Foundation carries out:

  • The activities of the CULTURAL CENTER “PADRE FELIX VARELA” described in the Preamble of the statutes of the Foundation “Cardenal Jaime Ortega” and that are developed in the following areas of work: ACADEMIC-FORMATIVE AREA, CULTURAL AREA, COMMUNICATIONS AREA and SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC RESEARCH AREA.
  • Education and professional training in economic and social sciences. Organizing meetings and informative and exchange programs with business schools, universities and companies.
  • Baccalaureate, Licentiate and Doctorate in Humanities taught by the Institute of Ecclesiastical Studies Father Felix Varela. It also hosts conferences, seminars and debates on humanities, social and natural sciences.
  • Chair of Sacred Music, Plastic, cinematographic and publishing arts.
  • Carrying out activities that can serve as a bridge between the realities of Cuba and Spain, as well as any other country of interest. Gathering and offering information about the development in Cuba and the ways of approaching the Cuban reality.
  • Training in Bioethics, understood as a constituent part of the moral scaffolding of the human being and society, and developed in the JUAN PABLO II INSTITUTE OF BIOETHICS, where courses, conferences, workshops and a Master’s Degree are offered.
  • Training and hiring of qualified Cuban or foreign personnel in order to develop the “PADRE FELIX VARELA” CULTURAL CENTER and its influence and capacity for dialogue with Cuban society.
  • Carrying out activities that allow the maintenance of the heritage of the Catholic Church in Cuba.

A good part of these activities, although not exclusively, are and will continue to be carried out at the headquarters of the Father Felix Varela Cultural Center, which is the same building that, from the 18th century to the first decade of the 21st century, has housed the historic San Carlos and San Ambrosio Seminary, a beautiful colonial building, with cloisters and halls of impeccable style and high patrimonial, architectural, historical and patriotic value; a place admired in the field of culture and of great significance for Cuban society.

This Ecclesiastical Seminary was open to the laity and a number of thinkers, jurists, teachers and priests who constitute the founding group of the Cuban national thought were formed in it. Among them stands out the Venerable Felix Varela, a virtuous priest, who was a student and illustrious professor of that Seminary, whose name bears the current Cultural Center and its Institute of Ecclesiastical Studies, which, like its predecessor, is open to the laity.