Cardinal Juan: Ours is to sow

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Before his inauguration as Cardinal of the Holy Church and Preast of Aquila and Priscilla (the same as + Jaime), the Archbishop of Havana attended an interview to the Communication Service of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Cuba, which says a lot about this virtuous Cuban Bishop.

“Today,” he acknowledges, “the missionary Church has many challenges. We do not have, for example, a radio or television broadcast with religious messages, so you have to go house to house, use the great attendance at celebrations and the employers’ saints.

“But the important thing is that we sow the seed. I always ask people how many mango bushes they have planted and many say none; So I say, how many mangoes have eaten in life: thousands … Well, faith is something like that, a seed that you deposit, maybe nobody knows who sowed it – as in the case of the mango bush – but it is bearing fruit. Ours is to sow and sow and sow. There will always be fruit, because the word of God does not return empty. ”

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