Commemorative video of the last graduation of the John Paul II Institute of Bioethics

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Commemorative video

Approximately 29 years ago the John Paul II Institute of Bioethics was founded with the aim of inculturating values through Bioethics. Almost from the beginning we started our publications, created a website, and also different Diplomas and the School of Thought and Creativity, based on the School founded by Dn Alfonso López Quintás, who visited Cuba and for this reason bears his name. Years later, with the consent of the Catholic University of Valencia, Spain, we considered by mutual agreement and by means of an agreement to carry out a Master’s Degree in Bioethics, so that it would be granted by both institutions and ascribed to the Bologna Plan of the European Union.

Thanks to the generosity of its academic authorities, among which Cardinal Dn Antonio Cañizares, now Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese, stands out, this work was continued, summoning many professionals who wished to study it.

In this short video we wanted to briefly expose significant aspects of our last graduation held on March 15 of this year.

To form consciences, to establish virtues, to make them credible through the testimonies of so many professionals who have passed through our classrooms, is what we have wished, having also as our motto, the gratitude and recognition of what is transmitted with two objective ways of expression: the testimonial word and the cultured image, which expresses the deepest of the Cuban soul. “There is no homeland without a life.