Fifth graduation of bachelors and third degree in humanities at the Padre Félix Varela Institute of Ecclesiastical Studies

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Archdiocese of Havana, Havana, December 20, 2020: “The first thing the Laurea did was open my horizons, give me a new look,” said Romy López, a graduate of the Humanities on December 12, when asked about the usefulness of these studies. “The most gratifying thing is the trip that we have made together, students and teachers, … and also the knowledge, the heritage that we have acquired” – was the testimony of Erick Bermejo about the experience in the Institute.

“Today many people look to the Church in search of answers to the current situation in our country. It can be said now, looking at these graduates: this is a response from the Church, good women and men, trained in the humanities at the service of society” –said Father Yosvany Carvajal, President of the Institute in his opening remarks of the Solemn Act Graduation and Beginning of the 2020-2021 Course. He also highlighted the richness of the diversity of motivations and social projections of students who live in fraternity and accept the challenge of a difficult educational path, which makes them carriers of a source of deep respect for human dignity and desire for Social Friendship. , as well as knowledge and attitudes that can do a lot of good in our society.
Fr. Yosvany announced the entry into force of a new regulation that implements an educational model that implies a student-teacher relationship with greater degrees of prominence and responsibility of the former, since the student must create his own curriculum following very flexible rules. , but that require greater self-discipline. The regulation also establishes the academic year in coincidence with the calendar year. The Father’s final words quoted the recent Christmas Message from the Cuban Bishops, which invites us to contemplate the First Christmas and find there the strength and inspiration to overcome the current situation in our country, through listening to the various proposals outings of love to the homeland.

The student Lilian Ureña spoke on behalf of the graduates and thanked those who “put the Laurea on their way,” which has brought great difficulties, but also growth and essential lifelong learning, which will help them carry “words really” and contribute to the construction of a more integral, peaceful, educated, educated and inclusive society, so that its rich culture flourishes. (Cf. Proverbs 22,21). The words of thanks from the graduates were said by Romy López in which he highlighted the importance of the new path that begins after finishing his studies, especially in the sense of sharing and applying what he has learned with virtue (Cf. Wisdom 7,13).

The Lectio Inauguralis on this occasion was in charge of the Professor, Lic. Yosniel García Marrero with the title “Keys for the refoundation of the Cuban economy” based on the proposals on the centrality of the person and their full realization as a key to achieve the true progress. The cultural moment was enlivened by the Caribe Nostrum String Quartet, directed by violinist Jenny Peña, who performed a Cuban program.

The Institute will begin its Baccalaureate and Bachelor courses on February 15, for which registration is already closed and the preparatory course for new admissions has been carried out. At this time, a Cycle of Open Lectures on humanities topics is offered, on Saturday mornings every three weeks.