“The hand of God” at the Cultural Center

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A la derecha Dayron Gallardo

Dayron Gallardo on the right

Real oil giant prints “made for galleries like these” -according to the painter’s own words, have been exhibited in the month of May at the Padre Félix Varela Cultural Center. These are abstract pieces that lead the viewer to immerse themselves in the mystery of Creation, to the primal life at the moment when God molded it with their hands. Or maybe it transports us to the twists and turns of the human spirit, full of chiaroscuros and ungraspable forms that only God knows, and that he caresses with his hands full of tenderness, without taking away our freedom.
Dayron Gallardo is a young painter who has come to this house to tell us about the mysterious and at the same time grandiose presence of God in the midst of everything that surrounds us, even within ourselves.